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5.3 | Care for your staff

Great relationships are critical

One of My 10 Golden Rules is CARING. It's a virtue that is pivotal to running a thriving business. I've found it is absolutely essential to care about the people who work for you - your staff and your business partners - because they are your biggest asset. Successful entrepreneurs know what their staff, partners and customers need and what drives them; what makes them tick. It is that understanding of people that spearheads success.

In business, one of the best lessons I've learned is to treat others how you want to be treated yourself.

It is vital to care about the people who work with you, because they are your biggest asset.

Relationships with people are critical. Business and personal relationships should be cherished. The entrepreneur who knows and values this is the entrepreneur who retains their staff and builds a winning team. Caring begets loyalty. It really is as simple as that.

Part of caring about people is knowing exactly how to motivate and reward each individual member of a team. And this is what comes out of the analysis of individuals at interview stage. Everybody is different and people are motivated by different things.

Motivating your team

People aren't only motivated by the money that they earn. There are many different reasons why people are motivated to come to work. Your job is to uncover what motivates the people you employ from the outset.

Once an individual has been evaluated, it's vital to sit down and ask yourself (and your recruitment panel):

  • What are the real hooks and drivers for this individual?
  • What excites them? Rather than what you think is an exciting way to motivate them.
  • What do they really enjoy doing? Focus staff on doing something they like to do and ensure it benefits the business.
Relationships with people are key. Business and personal relationships should be cherished.

Motivate through clear direction

Caring is an essential starting point when it comes to dealing with people on your team. In addition, you need to motivate them through giving clear direction

  1. Align what that person has been brought in to do with the motives and objectives you want them to fulfil. Clearly document and outline exactly what you want that individual to do.
  2. Continually review ways to use their character traits and drive them to fulfil expectations and achieve results.
  3. Motivate by giving clearly focused objectives. People get de-motivated when they don't have a firm understanding of what's expected of them. Match your expectation and their expectation. Be clear. This way, when an individual completes a task they feel happy they've met a challenge and achieved a goal.
  4. Be personable and approachable. Chat informally to all employees, no matter how big your company grows. I genuinely believe a good CEO will talk and listen to everyone who has a stake in the business or the business's future, including all staff and business partners. Relationships are important to me and other successful entrepreneurs. Make sure they are to you.
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