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How my team sells

  1. Focus on clear targets, objectives and rewards to deliver more than the competition

    One of the biggest reasons for the success my own company enjoys, is that we deliver more than our competition per capita head. We've got a very small sales team but we focus on that team going out to the market under a specific plan of attack.

    We know at the start of the year exactly what we want to achieve and how we're going to achieve it. Every month, staff are set very clear objectives which they're rewarded upon delivering. Because we're so focused we can deliver far more than if we instructed our sales force to sell ''as much as they can'' or if we gave them a basic commission plan.

  2. Prepare your sales team. Take the Gladiator approach.

    Gladiators were successful because they were very well trained, well honed, and were given the right tools and strategies for the job. When a Gladiator stepped into the ring, they delivered 99 out of 100 times. Make your sales team the Gladiators. Give them clear objectives, the tools to deliver the job and the basic training that's required be more effective than your competition.

    Match that with a portfolio of products and solutions a clear understanding of the strategy behind the business, and your sales staff will maximise sales and reach targets.

    The more you get a spirit of co-operation, the better and faster the results can be with a small team of people.
  3. Understand what excites and motivates each individual member of your sales team; it may not only be money. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Create a united team and a spirit of co-operation.

    Understand what each sales team member is there to do and what excites them. Then put together a team where everybody works together, from the person putting the product portfolio together, to the person knocking on doors and selling. As long as they have fun and enjoy what they do, there's more of a spirit of co-operation. And the more you get that spirit of co-operation, the better and faster the results can be with a small team of people.

  4. Empower your sales force with decision making responsibilities to deliver targets and feel valued.

    Many people are given a job purely as a function, with no power to deliver and make decisions on behalf of the company. I believe companies should live a bit by the sword and empower individuals to make decisions within a certain scope.

    Not only is this good for the customer, it's great for the individual to know they're valued and can make some decisions without having to refer to others.

  5. Encourage communication between sales team members and your customers, but also with each other.

  6. Get feedback. Use positive feedback to generate repeat business. Also use it as customer testimonials on your sales literature. Ask for referrals from happy customers. Use less positive feedback to fine tune your offering.

  7. Deliver on your promises to customers and staff. Go the extra mile where necessary.

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