Peter Jones

Be Heard In The Market


8.4 | Reality check: maximise your marketing

  1. Have you researched the market, the customer base and the competition? Have you identified your target audience and niche segments of that audience? Have you created customer profiles?
  2. Do you know what their needs are and what makes them tick; do you know what they read, watch and listen to and how you'll reach and communicate with them?
  3. As a result, have you established your marketing objectives, strategies and promotional tools and tactics?
  4. Have you created your own marketing mix and marketing plan?
  5. Do you have a strapline and mission statement? Have your written down your Unique Selling Points? What is it that makes your offering different?
  6. Have you defined your brand? Do you have a logo designed?
  7. Have you brainstormed and used critiques and feedback to fine tune your pitches and marketing messages?
  8. Have you gathered your marketing and sales literature, printed business cards and letterheads?
  9. Do you have a website planned or in development so you can promote yourself to a global audience online?
  10. Have you created a PR strategy and a way to encourage word of mouth marketing? Have you prepared a list of media to make contact with/send samples and stories to?
  11. Have you established potential partnerships and developed win-win relationships?
  12. Have you a customer relationship management strategy in place?
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