Peter Jones

Get Your Products Sold


7.4 Reality check: successful selling

  1. Do you know who your target audience is? Have you segmented your target audience into groups? Have you profiled your potential customers and revealed any common features?
  2. Do you know where your customers go to buy or find information on products or services such as yours?
  3. Do you know how many sales it will take you to break even?
  4. Do you know how you'll generate repeat custom?
  5. Have you created a customer service policy?
  6. Do you have a customer database package to store your customer details? Are you aware how you'll back up your data?
  7. Have you thought about how you might use e-commerce to sell your products/services via your website?
  8. Do you know how you will tackle each segment of the sales cycle? Have you a plan in place detailing how and where you will attract prospects; how you will deal with leads and referrals; how you intend to get your prospective customer's interest and how you/your team can close a deal?
  9. Have you hired the right sales staff and prepared them adequately by providing them with the right training, tools, products and strategies?
  10. Are you confident you can deliver more than the competition?
  11. Do you know what makes each member of your sales force tick? Have you considered how they'll be rewarded and motivated?
  12. Have you empowered your sales force?
  13. Have you used feedback to fine tune your sales offering?
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