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1.5 | Reality check: the right idea

Reality Check: The Right Idea and Pitch Checklist

  1. Have you harnessed the power of your imagination to cultivate your idea?
  2. Are you making time to daydream?
  3. Have you generated honest appraisals for your idea?
  4. Have you taken your idea for a test flight?
  5. Have you substantiated your idea with real facts and figures to give your idea merit and answer questions and objections?
  6. Have you assessed your idea's viability? Is it different, better? Is it specialist or niche? Can it go global? Does it feel right?
  7. Do you believe in the idea and have the confidence to take it forward?
  8. Have you protected your idea?
  9. Have you pitched your idea to your team and others? Have you practiced and polished your pitch?
  10. Does your pitch clearly and concisely reveal the opportunity, the return on investment, and substantiate your claims?
  11. Have you bought your suit?
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