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2.2 | Turn a vision into action and results


I believe there are certain critical success factors for entrepreneurial brilliance. I call these my 10 Golden Rules. You’ll find them sprinkled among the Business Tools and you can watch them here. The first of these is VISION.

It’s easier to be passionate about the future if you can visualise where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Like all journeys, you need a map.

Vision is about having a clear understanding of where you are going which is absolutely vital in business.

What unites truly successful entrepreneurs is that they all have a VISION of where they want to get to, and they all take ACTION to take them there.

Reaching one horizon always reveals another.

From Vision to Action

The second and third of my GOLDEN RULES are ACTION and RESULTS.

Action is the bridge between Vision and Results. Action involves figuring out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. What ACTIONS will you need to take? Where do you go from here? Write it all down.

Commit to paper your goals and the required actions to achieve them.

Simply by creating a vision and actions in your mind and putting pen to paper, you’ve already taken the first step towards being extremely successful. And, in my experience, reaching one horizon always reveals another.

Create an Action Plan

Ask yourself, what do you want from this business? Create a clear and concise vision and document a 90-day Action Plan. Outline in detail everything you intend to do over the next 90 days. This gives you a picture in your mind of what you’re trying to create and what you need to do. It gives you instant milestones to work for and focus on.

The more resource and research you put in to your idea, the better. Detail everything: from organising stationery, and organising contact with the bankers, to VAT and planning your website - all the things you have to do. The Starting Up business tool will provide you with information on the key areas to deal with (and add to your action plan).

Link your Action Plan back to your Business Plan and monitor it, ticking off your milestones and your actions as you go.

Planning for your success is as important as achieving success. So that, when you achieve success you know exactly how you got there.

Achieving results

An idea is just an idea until ACTION is taken to turn that idea into a reality. Your business plan and action plan will provide you with the maps you need to realise each goal within that idea. But there's little point taking action that isn’t driven by results. By focusing on results-orientated tasks and strategies you can create a blueprint for your long-term business success.

Being RESULTS-FOCUSED is vital to turn your VISION into CLEAR ACTION. Where entrepreneurs win over others, is in the energy and focus they put into their ideas. Being results-oriented brings clarity to the goal for everyone involved.

To summarise:

  1. VISION. Create a vision of where you want to get to. Make it real in your mind and on paper.
  2. ACTION. Entrepreneurs and Ultrapreneurs make things happen. Plot the tasks and actions that need to be taken to reach your goals and make your vision real. Actions speak louder than words.
  3. RESULTS. Set yourself goals that involve achieving tangible, specific and measurable results. Take action towards achieving those results.

Finally, REWARD yourself and those involved, as you achieve your objectives. You deserve it.

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