Friday, 1 December 2006

American Inventor is re-commissioned

My successful US television show on the ABC network, called American Inventor, will - I'm pleased to say - be returning for a second season in 2007.

American Inventor

In early 2006, I and fellow judges Ed Evangelista, Doug Hall and Mary Lou Quinlan saw hundreds upon hundreds of would-be inventors, all keen to impress and walk away with the one million dollar prize.

Janusz Liberkowski, 52, a mechanical engineer who lives in San Jose, CA, was this year's American Inventor with his Anecia Survival Capsule, a new kind of infant car seat.

My sincere thanks to my fellow judges, the crew, ABC, the production team and all the inventors and viewers who helped put American Inventor on the map.

I can't wait to see what America has to offer next season!



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