Monday, 12 September 2011


TrueCallPeter has just invested £100,000 in trueCall in the Dragons’ Den. trueCall is a new, award-winning product developed in the UK that has worldwide potential. It stops nuisance phone calls. It is easy to use – just plug it into your phone line and it starts blocking nuisance callers straight away. It is also very effective - in a recent survey, trueCall customers said that it blocked over 90% of nuisance phone calls!

trueCall was started by Steve Smith and John Price who have each worked in the telemarketing industry for 25 years. They were concerned at the barrage of calls that some people were receiving. John said: “Telemarketing companies don’t realise the effect their calls have on some people. The use of internet telephony – where calls can be made for a fraction of a penny each – is going to make the problem of nuisance calls worse for everyone in the future. trueCall blocks the unwanted calls and allows you to reclaim your landline.”

Steve said: “When I went into the Dragons’ Den my plan was to get investment from Peter, because I knew how much his expertise, experience, and contacts could help us. It went like a dream, with all the Dragons making an offer – but Peter, as always, hung back and played it cool. The deal was on a knife edge until the very last moment. We’ve all been absolutely delighted with the outcome, and it is a privilege to be working with Peter and his team. I’m sure he can take us onto the next level.”

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