Monday, 28 February 2011

Calling all wannabe Tycoons

Tenner Tycoon 2011 is a nationwide enterprise competition in schools across the UK and is driven by Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Peter Jones and Enterprise UK. Tycoon

The competition, which runs from 1-31 March, offers up to 40,000 schoolchildren (up to the age of 19) £10 each to make money, make a difference and give back.

A £400,000 'Tenner Bank' has been made available to schools across the country through support from Peter Jones, Big Lottery Fund and Michael and Xochi Birch.

Teachers have started to hand out £10 notes to schoolchildren who will turn their entrepreneurial ideas into real-life enterprises. At the end of the month, the schoolchildren will return the £10 and decide what they want to do with the profits they have made. They will also have a chance to win prestigious Tenner Tycoon Awards, which aim to celebrate their success and their contributions to their local community.

Peter said: "Tenner Tycoon challenges young people to aspire to be a successful entrepreneur.

It provides an opportunity to experience business and enterprise firsthand and learn about being an entrepreneur."

The competition aims to drive the creation of a new generation of  entrepreneurs who will be inspired to take action and play their part in the 'enterprise-led recovery'.

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