Thursday, 10 January 2008

Can Peter Jones destroy his mobile?

Most mobiles are flimsy, delicate little things - but not the one launched by one of my companies.

JCB Phone Hosed

Pressure hosing the JCB Toughphone

I put the JCB TOUGHPHONE™ through its paces at the JCB Arena in Staffordshire in an attempt to set the world record for the planet’s most indestructible mobile.

JCB Phone

JCB has partnered with my mobile distributor Data Select and manufacturer Sonim to launch the JCB TOUGHPHONE™, the world’s most resilient mobile.

It's been designed with the building trade in mind and can withstand the harshest of punishment.

During the demonstration at JCB, we dropped the phone from a height, put it into a concrete mixer, drove over it with a 1-tonne truck and then hosed the device down.

The mobile continued to work - and even the screen wasn't scratched!

The JCB TOUGHPHONE™ can be dropped, shocked, splashed and covered in dust without missing a call.

It's a no-nonsense phone with features including Bluetooth™, Push to Talk, tri-band and built-in loud dual speakers.

Operating at temperatures from -20C to +60C, the phone comes with a three-year warranty making it the longest lasting phone available.

It's now on sale at Phones4U and will be on available from other stockists later in the year.

We are waiting to find out if our challenge puts the JCB TOUGHPHONE™ in the World Record book.



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