Monday, 12 September 2011


The Enterprise Tennis Challenge, Sponsored by Grant Thornton took place Tuesday 15th June at the famous Hurlingham Club.

Eight enthusiastic amateurs teamed up with eight Legends of the game to compete for the magnificent Enterprise Tennis Challenge trophy, which was donated by Grange Hotels.

A timed round robin event was held where partners switched so everyone got to play with or against most teams, and the fundraiser setting provided a fantastic backdrop for a truly memorable occasion.

There was tension in the air as CEOs met Wimbledon Champions for the first time. Mick Buckley, European President of CNBC, said: "I am about to compete against one of my childhood heroes. I am a little nervous!"

Joining the 6 professionals were Peter Jones, who was a Junior Champion, and Alistair McGowan, star of stage and screen. After nearly 2 hours of muscle stretching play, the final was played between Oliver Black and Peter McNamara against Jim Rodgers and Pat Cash. The winner, by a nail biting and sudden death tiebreaker, was Oliver Black and Peter McNamara.

Match No    Court 1         Court 2
1    Buckley / Cash VS Bessant / Cox         Black / Jones VS Haycock / Childs
2    Sheridan / McNamara VS Harwood / McGowan         Goldsmith / Leconte VS Rodgers / Bates
3    Buckley / Cox VS Bessant / Cash         Black / Childs VS Haycock / Jones
4    Sheridan / McGowan VS Harwood / McNamara         Goldsmith / Bates VS Rodgers / Leconte
     Change Courts         Change Courts
5    Sheridan / Cash VS Goldsmith / Cox         Harwood / Jones VS Rodgers / Childs
6    Buckley / McNamara VS Black / McGowan         Bessant / Bates VS Haycock / Leconte
7    Sheridan / Cox VS Goldsmith / Cash         Harwood / Childs VS Rodgers / Jones
8    Buckley / McGowan VS Black / McNamara         Bessant / Leconte VS Haycock / Bates