Saturday, 1 January 2011

JCB Toughphone range is launched

Following the success of the Guinness World Record breaking  JCB Toughphone launched in 2008 by Data Select and JCB, the two companies have now extended the rugged mobile range with four even tougher handsets – one of which claims to be the world’s first floating mobile phone.

From builders to surfers, the new JCB Toughphone range - with prices starting from just £69.99 – promises that broken phones could be a thing of the past.

The four new handsets in the JCB-branded range are: the Sitemaster; the Pro; the Pro-Talk; and the Tradesman.  Collectively, the range boasts a number of new features, such as laser pointer, torch, wind-up charger, as well as an eight channel, two-way radio, meaning that mobile reception is no longer an issue on the building site, farm, on the ski slopes, up a mountain or – if you’re lucky enough – country estate.

The JCB Toughphone ‘Tradesman’ is believed to be the world’s first FLOATING mobile phone and is fully functional after being submerged in water.

The new and updated version of the Toughphone, which was originally launched two years ago and made its way into the Guinness World Record Book after successfully emerging unscathed from rigorous testing, was again pushed to the limit in a film which can be seen here:


During its testing procedure the device was sprayed with water from a high velocity jet, thrown into a lake, sinking to five meters and immediately rising to the surface. It can operate after being dragged at 120mph, and remains working even after being buried in two tones of rubble and is kept floating on the water for six hours.

The original JCB Toughphone sold 50,000 units and the Tradesmen already had several thousand orders within 48 hours after its official launch in London by Peter Jones.

 Peter Jones Toughphone launch - squirting phone

 Jason Kemp, Marketing Director for Data Select Limited, one of Peter’s investment companies, which worked with JCB to bring the handset to market, said: ‘’The Tradesman is the perfect phone for people working outdoors, in the rain, sailing or just accident prone. Its rugged design means it will also take a hammering that would see lesser phones destroyed.'

Peter Jones added: "We've seen huge and rapid growth in the mobile phone market with ‘smart’ phone devices, but if you lead an outdoor lifestyle or work in a particularly rugged environment, these aren’t always suitable. These phones operate fine in tough working conditions, and are ideal for people who lead outdoor lifestyle, such as mountain climbing, skiing and sailing."


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