Friday, 9 September 2011

Love Da Popcorn โ€“ An obvious investment choice

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Love Da Popcorn was founded 12 months ago by two account managers and one insight manager working full time at Saatchi & Saatchi. On Sunday 7th August, the boys sealed a £70,000 backing deal from renowned business entrepreneur, Peter Jones. 

Love Da Popcorn!

Having noticed a gap in the market, as well as wanting to start something for themselves, the team decided to make uniquely tasty popcorn, that was not saturated in sugar. Setting up kernel popping machines in their home kitchens, they went about making bags and bags of fresh produce, testing new flavours along the way; final flavours include sweet ginger and white chocolate. The winning formula of taste innovation and hunger for success caught the attention of Dragon, Peter Jones.

Peter Jones says "Love Da Popcorn is a reflection of UK entrepreneurial spirit at its best. Christian, Martin and Tom presented an idea that was uniquely creative in its offer, whilst providing a commercially promising avenue for growth, the exact factors that contributes to the success of Levi Roots. I'm looking forward to supporting this business". 

Business began a year before meeting the dragons, with the product being sold to colleagues and people in parks and pubs close to their work. After receiving great feedback, they began pitching to regional and national events with a successful response rate. To date, the founders have manually made, bagged and folded over 20,000 bags of Love Da Popcorn. 

Tom Callard, Love Da Popcorn said "It's been harder than we ever imagined, but it's also a really exciting time for us. I don't think any of us understood how difficult it can be to start a business, but we now have an amazing opportunity to make Love Da Popcorn a household name". 

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