Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Meet my group of budding Tycoons

I can now reveal the identities of the different entrepreneurs and their very different personalities, business ideas and backgrounds who are competing to be crowned Tycoon in my new ITV1 series.Entrepreneurs

I'm pushing them as hard as I can to help them develop successful businesses - and to make their dreams reality.

How will they fare? Well, you'll have to tune when the series goes on air this summer.

The six entrepreneurs are:

Justin Chieffo, a father of two who's selling an environmentally friendly carrier bag dispenser

Elizabeth Hackford, who's creating a natural fruit and alcoholic drink for women. She calls herself Elizabeth "Make It Happen" Hackford.

Helen James and Cathy Caudwell-Todd, job-sharing mothers who launching a range of gardening clothes

Iain Morgan, a carer who's importing an indoor radio-controlled helicopter from China

Lauren Pope, a glamour model who's selling clip-in extensions from real hair

Tom Thurlow, a confident 17-year-old who is launching a newspaper for teenagers.

This series is a personal challenge and risk for me as well as the entrepreneurs. I'm putting my reputation and a lot of my own money on the line.

When choosing the group earlier this year, I was looking for  committed, passionate individuals with business dreams that they could turn into an amazing reality.

I've based them in Tycoon Tower on London's South Bank, where they are living and working together.

In fact, we're all working together and I'm on their case daily. I even have a webcam so I can see who's working hard.

They have my mobile number, my email address and I've told them I'm there for them 24/7.

Tycoon puts my beliefs and business principles right in the public spotlight but I'm determined to succeed.

This is a show about passion, drive and energy and for one person at the end, there is a magnificent reward for succeeding - the chance to own the business they always wanted and the chance of becoming the UK's next Tycoon.



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