Monday, 12 September 2011


Small Business Week pic 2Businesses from around the UK are coming together to celebrate Small Business Week. Peter Jones has been supporting the week of enterprise and kicked it off with a launch event at the BT Tower on Monday 19th October. This year’s Small Business Week marks the launch of the 2009 Business Pulse, which is the UK’s largest ever survey of small businesses. The survey provides an insight into the strength of the UK small business sector and exactly what the inhibitors and drivers are to successful business.

Peter Jones said; “This survey will really measure the state of UK businesses, what are the reasons they are successful and, more importantly, what the reasons are for them not being successful? We don't hear enough about that.” He continues "We need to know more about what are holding businesses back, as an entrepreneur, you tend to think that when you toss a coin, it's always a two-headed one. But that's not the case. We need to know what happens when it comes up 'tails'."

Each day within the business week has a different theme; Monday will be looking at the outcome of the 2009 Business Pulse survey. Tuesday is preparing you to be equipped to succeed, and similarly Wednesday focuses on being equipped to compete - particularly how to get noticed and win business. Thursday is titled “innovate to win” encouraging you to think outside the box. Lastly, Friday is "Fit for Tomorrow: Fit to Thrive," knowing how to secure your business and its future.

The first two days of the Small Business Week were hosted at the BT tower; the location was chosen specifically to show that using the latest technology can help you manage your finances, market your business and make your business more competitive in the current climate. Peter said "The focus will be on how to use technology to run a leaner operation." He went on to explain that the week is about giving business owners the right information, informing them how to communicate effectively so that their businesses can grow and become more successful.

Peter concluded, "These are really useful days out. It's really important to be a sponge in business. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn as much as you can."



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