Friday, 11 January 2008

Sainsbury’s bags an eco-success

I’m delighted to say that budding entrepreneurs Justin and Michelle Chieffo, who caught the public eye in my ITV show Tycoon, have signed a deal with Sainsbury’s to encourage shoppers to re-use carrier bags.

The Little Bag of Bags will shortly be available at hundreds of Sainsbury’s stores.Sainsburys bag

Their invention makes it easier to remember taking re-usable bags to the shops, and simpler to store bags.

As you can see from the photograph, I teamed up with Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King to help launch the product.

The Little Bag of Bags is a great product that is not only ingenious but also a positive solution to encourage the recycling of carrier bags.

I am very proud of the achievements of Justin and Michelle and was delighted to work with them on Tycoon and since then. Their business is really taking off, which is great to see.

The Little Bag of Bags is a small fabric bag made from Fairtrade certified cotton, with an elasticated opening at one end and a hanging loop at the other end.

The bag can be hung on a coat peg at home so it is less likely to be forgotten when you go shopping and it then hangs on to the hook on shopping trolleys.

The bags can be easily dispensed through the elasticated opening at the checkout and put back after use. The product can hold around 30 carrier bags, and will cost 75p to buy.



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