Monday, 12 September 2011


NEAPeter Jones and the National Enterprise Academy (NEA) are dedicated to finding and moulding our future business leaders. Imagine an alumni that included Peter Jones, Philip Green, Karen Brady, Lakshmi Mittal, Levi Roots, and Jacqueline Gold – we hope to have an alumni just as impressive in the future.

To make this happen, we have set up a group of talent scouts to find the tycoons and business leaders of tomorrow. We have a dedicated team who are searching the country, going to events, award ceremonies and schools.

We also need your help: Do you have an event that we could send out scouts too? Do you know someone that is passionate and entrepreneurial? Or are you a young person who is thinking 'this is me!' Then email us at with the event information and contact details

What is The National Enterprise Academy?

Pioneering Qualification Entrepreneurs lead from the front; they think outside the box and are not afraid of change. They find a gap in the market and fill it. The National Enterprise Academy has created the first qualification in enterprise and entrepreneurship, by business people for business people.

Boardroom to Classroom

Following your Passion
We believe in the power of passion. You have to really want it, have that hunger and drive to make it happen. The National Enterprise Academy helps you turn that passion into a reality.

Selective but Inclusive 
We don't hide it- we are selective in looking for Britain's future business prospects. It doesn't matter where you're from it matters where you want to go. We are looking for committed, passionate individuals willing to work hard.

Learning by Doing 
If you look at the top entrepreneurs, they all experienced failure and learnt from it. We expect our students to get stuck in and try, and if they fail to learn from it and be committed to trying it again to get it right. Our learners are thrown in the deep end with real business tasks and lots of practical learning.

A Future that's Bright
How does a society that is more enterprising and a culture that has a 'Can do' attitude sound? We want to make this vision a reality - the National Enterprise Academy course is for young people aged 16-18 who have the desire and passion to become the next big thing.

The National Enterprise Academy is now accepting applicants for September 2010 – Should we be looking for you?

Article provided by NEA Ambassador Ross Bailey