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"Jonny and Annie have everything that I look for in an investment. They are passionate about their product and knowledgeable about the market category, their product tastes better than the competition so when all of that is combined it's certainly a winning recipe."
Peter Jones

Spoon Cereals was founded by Annie Morris and Jonny Shimmin after a discussion at a family BBQ in the summer of 2013. Both of them are food lovers and when they discussed each others’ plans the timing seemed right to start a business in that area. Annie was keen to explore her dreams of entrepreneurship in the food world after working as a creative in advertising and Jonny wanted to apply years of business learning in a start-up environment.  

The idea for Spoon was born out of a frustration with the bland, dull and unhealthy breakfast cereal offerings available on the daily commute. Spoon was formed to offer a more adventurous bowl of cereal, together with interesting and tasty toppings. The aim was to make a great product and build a great brand and use these as a platform for a breakfast cereal-focused business. Spoon’s first outing to the public was at a food fair in London, which was a great success that encouraged them to continue with the project.

Spoon currently offers a range of cereals and granolas containing fruits, nuts, seeds and other treats to make a more adventurous bowl of cereal. Fresh pots, which are served at events and pop-ups, have a range of yoghurts and toppings added. Spoon also sells dry packs of cereal for you to enjoy at home or wherever and whenever you enjoy your cereal. All of the cereal products are sourced from local British suppliers where possible –the brand wants to offer customers a breakfast that they can feel good about as well as tasting great.

You can find Spoon Cereals online at our website www.spooncereals.co.uk and at selected retailers. The Spoon team is always interested to hear about how you like your morning cereal and they are constantly looking for further ideas for a better bowl so please feel free to drop them a line.

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