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"Spencer is a scientist as well as an entrepreneur and he has developed a product with a genuine USP and a significant advantage over the competition. Campers, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts have previously had to carry multiple pieces of heavy kit if they wanted to be sure that their phones, tablets and other devices did not run out of power but the Tegstove is not only a high quality cooking stove it is also a gas powered charging device that solves all of these problems. Iā€™m confident that the product has great potential"
Peter Jones CBE

Tegstove ā€“ the ultimate camping stove

In Series 13 of Dragons’ Den Peter has invested in Spencer Turner and his business Tegology Ltd. which owns the rights to Tegstove a camping stove that uses a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to produce an electrical current.

The Tegstove uses a TEG to produce electrical energy which is stored in an internal battery and can then be used at any time to charge mobile phones, tablets and GPS equipment. This self-sufficient charging system means that there is no need to carry a separate solar panel or battery pack. When cooking on the stove the heat is distributed evenly over a wide cooking area so unlike many alternatives it does not just burn the middle of a pan. Also the 3 leg tripod stand means that the stove is stable and won’t topple over.

TEGs are two ceramic plates with the connection between the two plates made up of two different materials, they have a hot and a cold side and when a difference in temperature is applied between the two sides an electrical current is produced. The greater the temperature difference the more power produced.

Tegstove uses an innovative method to create an even greater temperature difference, resulting in more electrical energy production. This method produces a stable, constant and controlled source of warmth to the cylinder ensuring constant gas pressure. This is where Tegstove’s patent pending design sets itself apart. The product transfers the cold produced in the cylinder to cool the cold side of the TEG – creating a constant and stable source of cold. The cold from the cylinder is as constant as the heat from the burner, using this method creates a much greater temperature difference – resulting in more electrical energy production.

Another benefit of the Tegstove is that it uses widely available, cost-effective, clean-burning butane gas. Standard camping stoves will often use a mix of Butane, Propane and Isobutane to create a gas that works in cold climates. This is an unstable and expensive method. Butane is better gas – it comes in lighter cylinders, it can be stored inside, it’s more cost-effective, less volatile and readily available but it gets cold fast and the pressure reduces. Tegstove have taken this ‘problem’ and turned it into a benefit. Because the cold produced by the cylinder is used to cool the cold side of the TEG plate it creates a greater difference in temperature between the hot and cold plates. The result is a strong controlled flame and stable production of electricity.

In effect Tegstove is a stove, charger, battery and gas cylinder all in one.


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