Enterprise Academy graduation

Helping young people achieve a brighter future


The work we do

We set up the Peter Jones Foundation in 2005 on the simple yet challenging remit: to offer support to children through innovative education initiatives.

Our core focus is to encourage enterprise through education, training and building the right skills today so our young people can become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

Our three main aims are to:

  • Educate

    Achieve a transformational change in the quality and accessibility of enterprising and entrepreneurial skills, education and learning through the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and Tycoon in Schools

  • Encourage

    Excite all budding entrepreneurs across the nation to follow their business dreams and encourage a culture of enterprise and entrepreneurship in Britain. 

  • Support

    Provide effective support to young people across the UK who are at various stages of their lives or in many different circumstances and in a variety of ways.


Our fundraising

We mainly fundraise through our Enterprise Challenges – an exciting and fun calendar of sporting events that include memorable golf and clay-shooting days. All the money we raise goes straight to the Peter Jones Foundation to support their invaluable work. 

Read more about the Peter Jones Foundation, including our upcoming fundraising events on their website.