Foundation for Children

The Foundation for Children works to improve the lives and reduce the suffering of the most disadvantaged young people in the UK and around the world by supporting them directly or working with outstanding charity partners.

The FFC delivers life changing initiatives as we believe all young people deserve a brighter future and the FFC helps to address disadvantage and reduce suffering. We do this through our Forgotten Children programme which typically works in partnership with other charities focussing their efforts in a similar field.

Within the FFC we have worked over many years to support more than twenty organisations that work to reduce poverty and suffering for young people and have made over £500,000 of funding available, supporting thousands of young people across the world.


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The Peter Jones Foundation gives young people a brighter future through a range of pioneering education activities and other much-needed encouragement and support initiatives.

We teach young people how to be entrepreneurial and encourage them to make a difference to their lives, the communities they live in and the wider economy