Be Heard In The Market

8.1 Take Your Ideas to Market

Marketing is about attracting attention, inciting action. It's about keeping customers and prospects informed, letting people know about what you have to sell and doing so in a way that stands out from your competitors.

But how do you afford to fund this type of activity when you are a small, growing business? Many start-up entrepreneurs may have impressive marketing ideas, but they don't have the cash to match. For me, marketing is possible even on the smallest of budgets, particularly if you focus on word of mouth, which can cost nothing. If your product or service is outstanding, your customer service is exceptional and you deliver on your promises, your customers will do some of your marketing for you. They'll do this by recommending you to others, and recommendations are by far the best kind of custom.

Word of mouth is a key ingredient of a successful marketing strategy. But, naturally, there is much else to consider, from creating a strong brand identity, mission statement and marketing messages with impact; to uncovering the right audience, defining marketing objectives and strategies and using the right promotional tools and tactics to achieve them. Explore the rest of this section to find out more.

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