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Building loyalty among customers is vital. In industries where customer service is poor, there is no loyalty. This is where many successful entrepreneurs have leveraged an idea, by entering a market where providers are not delivering, where customer service is poor and where customer loyalty is low. By providing a new choice and backing it up with great customer service, these businesses have profited hugely.

Building loyalty among customers is vital.

Even the very best businesses suffer occasional customer complaints. It's how you deal with negative feedback that is important. Customer retention comes down to honesty. Tell your customers exactly how it is. If we haven't got a product available and it's not coming in, rather than lead a customer to believe it's going to be here, we'd rather be honest. This can mean losing a few customers for your honesty, but it works out in the long run.

The best entrepreneurs always deliver on the promises they make and on the rare occasions they do let a customer down, they do their very best at dealing with complaints. This goes back to putting the right people in place, the right training in place, and resourcing staff by giving them the right tools for the job.


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